• University of Wisconsin-Madison (Dr. Bryan Heiderscheit) Clinical, Biomechanical, and Novel Imaging Biomarkers of Hamstring Strain Injury Potential in Elite Athletes

    Investigators from The University of Wisconsin will conduct a prospective longitudinal study of high-level athletes to improve risk assessment for hamstring strain injuries. Athletes will be monitored for exposure and injury throughout training and competition with injured athletes monitored with diffusion tensor magnetic resonance and shear wave ultrasound imaging during and after their rehabilitation period. Findings from this study may improve injury risk assessment and establish objective criteria to assess the risk of re-injury upon returning to play.

  • Academic Medical Center (Amsterdam) (Dr. Johannes Tol) Game changing innovative sports research: The Basketball and Muscle Injury (BAMI) study

    The BAMI study targets preventing hamstring and calf muscle injuries and re-injuries. In the first of three separate studies, researchers in Amsterdam will use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to examine what actually goes on within injured muscles to help in preventing re-injury. The second and third studies will use strength testing and MRI to determine which exercises are the best for preventing hamstring and calf muscle injuries.

  • University of Newcastle, Australia (Dr. Suzi Edwards) The HAMI Study: Investigating Hamstring and Adductor Myotendinous Injury Risk Factors in Basketball.

    Dr. Edwards and her team will study top male Australian basketball players to determine the role of biomechanical (how a person moves) and neural (how the brain signals muscles) factors in muscle injuries. This novel multidisciplinary research may lead to improved injury prevention and rehabilitation programs for athletes by increasing our understanding of how an athlete runs, how muscle structure changes, and how an injury alters brain signals to muscles.

  • The Mayo Clinic (Dr. Timothy Hewett) Comparative Effectiveness of Hamstring Muscle Strain Injury Prevention Programs.

    Dr. Hewett and his team at the Mayo clinic will investigate the effectiveness of hamstring muscle strain injury prevention programs in 1000 high school basketball athletes. They plan to study how these programs impact flexibility, muscle stiffness, strength and power. They will use an advanced ultrasound imaging technique (shear wave elastography) to measure muscle stiffness and determine if it can be used to predict future hamstring injuries.