Congratulations to the below ABUS Ultrasound Research CFP 2: Prospective Research Awardees! ABUS CFP 2 generated incredible interest, and GE Healthcare thanks all participants for the time and effort to develop and submit proposals to advance breast imaging and the impact of ABUS on breast health.



Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Boston, Massachusetts


Dr. Connie Lehman

Automated Breast Ultrasound for Diagnostic Evaluation






Acibadem M.A.A. University, Altunizade Acibadem Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Mustafa Erkin Aribal

Value of Automated Breast US (ABUS) in screening setting with tomosynthesis





University of Kansas Health System

Kansas City, Kansas

Dr. Marc Inciardi

Comparing Interpretation Accuracy of ABUS Reading Styles: Coronal vs coronal/transverse 





University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bob Nishikawa,PhD                      Denise Chough,MD             Andriy Bandos,PhD      

The Effect of Priors on the Recall Rate in Breast Cancer 

ABUS CFP 2: Awardees

Get to Know the awardees of GE Healthcare’s ABUS Retrospective Research Competition. (Download article