ABUS CFP 1: Retrospective Data Review

Congratulations, ABUS CFP 1 Awardees!





Congratulations to the below ABUS Ultrasound Research CFP 1: Retrospective Data Review Awardees! ABUS CFP 1 generated strong interest, and GE Healthcare thanks all participants for the time and effort to develop and submit proposals to advance breast imaging and the impact of ABUS on breast health.



North Valley Breast Clinic

Redding, California

Dr. Ian Grady

A Study to Evaluate the Cost-Efficacy of the Addition of ABUS to Mammography in Screening Women






Hokuto Hospital

Obihiro, Japan

Dr. Megumi Suzuki

Diagnostic Impact of Coronal View in Comparison with Transverse View of Automated Breast Ultrasound





Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College

Beijing, China

Mengmeng Jia           Youlin Qiao            Shaoming Wang

Exploration on the Possibility of Applying ABUS to Population-Based Breast Cancer Screening






Pink Monarch Breast Center

Columbis, Georgia

Dr. Serena Tidwell

Impact of ABUS Implementation on Workflow in a Small Breast Center

Get to Know the awardees of GE Healthcare’s ABUS Retrospective Data Review Competition. (Download article) 

CFP 1: Retrospective Data Review


GE Healthcare’s first ABUS call for proposals ("CFP") seeks to leverage Invenia ABUS for research focused on retrospective data reviews for established Invenia ABUS programs. The call will also be considering research utilizing previously collected clinical data for the purpose of conducting a reader study. Proposals may address any aspect of the impact of ABUS on breast health, such as but certainly not limited to, the following ("Entry Guidelines"):

  • Invenia ABUS versus HHUS for supplemental screening;
  • Invenia ABUS and DBT versus DBT alone for screening women with dense breasts;
  • Invenia ABUS reading focused on the coronal plane;
  • The importance of priors with Invenia ABUS;
  • Understanding the Invenia ABUS Learning Curve;
  • We are interested in the following outcomes based on individual and combined technologies:
    • Cancer Detection,
    • Recall Rate and Positive Predictive Value (PPV),
    • Locations & Types/Stages of Cancers,
    • Exam, Reading, and Reporting Time,
    • Workflow Impact,
    • Image Quality, and,
    • Economic Benefit and Impact on Treatment and Cost of Care.
  • Reader Studies (also known as blinded image evaluatino) will be supported with consideration to provide work stations for a short period of time as needed.



In ABUS CFP 1, up to four (4) winners will receive up to $25,000 each in grant funding (a “grant award”) over a six-month period to support research addressing any aspect of breast imaging—with publication at Radiological Society of North America ("RSNA") 2019.



Download the CFP 1 Challenge Brief here and Official Rules here.