Bone stress injuries (BSI) are common and debilitating in both athletes and other physically active populations. BSI occur as a result of repetitive loading rather than a single direct force. These injuries appear gradually or abruptly, and include both stress fractures and stress reactions. In basketball, BSI can impair performance, limit playing time, and disrupt a career.



This CFP solicits research studies that will improve understanding of BSI, with a focus on two main areas of research interest:

        1. Research that leads to advancements in imaging to improve prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment of BSI.
        2. Research that develops strategies to prevent and manage BSI.

Potential areas of research focus include:
  • Imaging to improve diagnosis of BSI
  • Imaging to better inform return-to-play clinical decision-making
  • Imaging to improve understanding of risk factors for BSI and/or re-injury
  • Improved imaging of the navicular bone
  • Novel imaging techniques to improve our understanding of bone health
  • Correlating imaging with athlete morphology to better understand the natural history of BSI
  • Dynamic imaging techniques to examine bone loading
  • Epidemiological determinants and characteristics of BSI in basketball
  • Bone quality and/or biomechanical risk factors for BSI and/or re-injury
  • Exposure factors associated with BSI (e.g., training exposures, recovery time, and schedule density)
  • Improved understanding of the metabolic factors associated with BSI
  • Efficacy of primary prevention programs for BSI
  • Interventions that are effective in managing BSI and optimizing return-to-play and minimizing risk of re-injury

For complete details, please download the CFP Document.

Review and Evaluation Criteria

All qualifying applications will undergo a two-stage review process. The first stage will consist of a confidential scientific peer review. All members of the peer review panel will be bound by a signed nondisclosure agreement, ensuring that information in the applications and evaluation process will not be disclosed outside of the collaboration.

This review will focus on the scientific merit of the proposed research. The applications will be scored on the following criteria, all of equal importance:

  • Relevance and Impact
  • Research Strategy and Scientific Methods
  • Innovation
  • Personnel and Environment

For complete details, please download the CFP Document.

How do I participate in the CFP?
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