GE Healthcare Life Sciences - Sensors Challenge

The goal of this Challenge is to identify sensor technologies from round the world that enables automated intermittent sampling without increasing the risk of contamination. We want to hear from you! What sensor concepts could we use to solve this key problem? GE Employees are not eligible to participate.

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This Challenge seeks to identify sensor technologies and solutions that can improve customers’ operational efficiencies and reduce cell therapy production uncertainty by discretely sensing, monitoring and analyzing small organic molecules and proteins that are sealed within a bioreactor.  The desired intention is that these sensor technologies and solutions will enable more precise monitoring of the biological environments within bioreactors without risking contamination or dramatically increasing the cost and complexity of the operation. 



  • Phase 1 – Up to three (3) Phase 1 Entries will each be awarded a cash prize of $5,000 USD (the “Initial Cash Prize”). The winning Phase 1 Entries will be eligible to participate in Phase 2 of the Challenge.


  • Phase 2 – Up to one (1) Phase 2 Entry will be selected as a Phase 2 winner and will be eligible to receive some amount of additional funding for up to a six month period, the amount of additional funding to be at the sole discretion of GE (“Grant Sponsor”). The additional funding will be taken from a total grant award pool of up to $35,000 USD (“Grant Award”) and will be to continue further development of the Phase 2 winner’s Entry technology.

Upon completion of the six month funding period, Grant Sponsor may, at its own discretion and based on the merits of the proposed technology, explore further funding and/or purchase or licensing of the winning technology. Any further additional funding to the Phase 2 winner will be conditioned upon, but not limited to, the Phase 2 winner successfully entering into a mutually agreeable business relationship with Grant Sponsor. GE Employees are not eligible to participate.


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