All About Fuse

At Fuse, we collaborate with brilliant minds around the world to solve meaningful technical challenges, faster.

Learn more about Fuse, our take on innovation and other FAQ's.



Convening scientists, engineers, academics and other solvers like you--Fuse combines brilliant minds (like you!) and agile manufacturing hubs to transform product and technology innovation.


Fuse delivers greater speed and design options when compared to trandition product development techniques.  As a community, we acclereate product and technolgoy development by marrying open innovation with prototyping and small batch manufacturing.



GE Global Operation's GENIUSLINK teamTM recently launched Fuse, GE's new crowd-powered manufacturing business model.  The GENIUSLINK team, GE's open innovation and talent on-demand experts, is building the Fuse network--across the globe, industries and fucntions--to develop an innovation ecosystem at scale.



Physical operations of Fuse, such as prototyping and small batch manufacturing, will take place in brick-and-mortar facilities--either by being embedded into a sponsor's current production facilities--or through a standalone micrfactory.  These microfactories are designed for collaborating--with customers, end-users, entrepreneurs, student groups and more--providing a multi-use space for experimentation, market validation and more.


You may have noticed that we've moved!  We've got new digs, but we're still up to the same gigs... collaborating with brilliant inventors, thinkers, and others like you to solve technical challenges!  Below are a few FAQ's that may be helpful as we start fresh in our new digital home:


Q: Why is my profile different?

A: The fields are formatted slightly differently, but you can still include your location, education, work history, expertise and passions.


Q: What happened to my historical information?

A: We're taking a fresh start, which means a fresh set of data.  You can track your new activity by clicking on your profile (which is located in the top righthand corner of the page).  Once you've clicked there, you can update your info, see your submissions, comments and more.


Q: How can I collaborate with my Fuse community peers?

A: Forums will be located within each challenge!


Q: Where I can find the Fuse community blog and other Fuse community information?

A: Fuse community information, including challenge updates, news and community member spotlights will be available here.