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AVATAR V1 and V2 for Non Destructive Inspection
Oct 28 2018
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AVATAR : a goggle by which differently abled(and )of course normal people can interact with their Computer. It is an assistive technology which makes a whole new interface. To control the PC, they just have to slightly move their heads and speak commands(no voice recognition).it costs only 12 $. AVATAR V2: a goggle through which people can interact with their PC by Eye Tracking and Voice can also be used for handsfree ultrasonic Non destructive Testing as one hand is busy in holding instrument and other in holding inspection probe



Introduction : A goggle which enables physically underprivileged members of our society and of course normal people to interact with their PC. It is a new human-computer interaction device. It is an assistive technology which makes disabled (hand) people to have a whole new interface through which they can be connected to the world. To control the PC, they just have to slightly move their heads and speak some commands.

The key idea is that the PC is a general computing device that's adaptable to different forms of input and output. The computer doesn’t care, for instance, that the user is controlling the pointer with her feet or eye movements instead of a traditional mouse and keyboard.

Hardware Implementation:- 1) Transmitter: It is modified goggle. 2) Receiver: An Infrared Camera.

Avatar is an outfit like simple goggle, head movement i.e. movement of goggle is recorded by IR camera making the mouse pointer to move accordingly. Left and right click are incorporated through sound sensors. Sensors notices the peak in the voice. 1) Two peaks with a gap <1.5 sec is left click. 2) Two peak with a gap >1.5 sec is right click.

Here voice is not sent to computer and also there is no voice recognition .since it works on peaks in voice , user don’t have remember any pre defined command . he can use any commands . which make it compatible to any language 

Communication - the real Magic The real magic of avatar lies in its communication with the pc . the receiver (infrared camera is connected to pc . AVATAR- goggle(transmitter )is wireless . it also do not need Bluetooth or wifi for communication and there is no microprocessor in avatar.than,how does it work and communicate . this is possible by its incredible engineering .



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