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PILS is an attempt to revolutionize the traditional Luggage Systems used at Airports.

# What is PILS? <...arjun27 10 hours ago

the app will feature many things such as behavioural facts, destinations and where to go and what to eat in that destination. it will also help you...Aviationgroup1 12 hours ago

just like in the movies. emirates emphasises on the entertainment on board as part of their marketing strategy. hence, it would be only reasonable ...Aviationgroup1 12 hours ago

it is very annoying to most passengers when there are loud kids on the flight. this needs to be sorted out. one way to tackle this issue is to crea...Aviationgroup1 12 hours ago

the service will help promote innovation and technology, emirates would be the first airline to have a self check in screen with baggage check in a...Aviationgroup1 12 hours ago